The Souls I Follow

by Ed Williams

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released August 12, 2011

Ed Williams - Vocals & Guitar
Sid Goldsmith - Bass & Vocals
Tom Hartley - Drums & Vocals


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Ed Williams England, UK

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Track Name: The Souls I Follow
The Souls I Follow
Sometimes you’re trying to remain
The same as all the faces that face you
Nighttime. Conversation strain.
Hoping that there’s no one to replace you
Or they see through the hidden self you know
I found you there just an hour ago
Dancing in a dress of winter colours.
Well I’d leave, gone without a trace
If only to erase you from my memory.
I’d leave so slowly.
All the souls I follow. Living hollow, ‘till tomorrow.
I’d try to try less but love’s a kindness, cured by sorrow.
You and I can take the evening air,
It’s something those can share who aren’t lovers.
Well hold tight the buttons on your coat,
The wind is strongest here in the city
For the lovers that never would be.
Track Name: Birdless Morning
You’re walking towards a life that’s more revealing
From the changes you made on a restless afternoon,
But I couldn’t see from the half-light of the evening
That you’d wake to the sound of a birdless morning.
It’s such a shame that the path that lies before you
Was pathed by pictures stored from long ago.
Don’t be afraid, our hearts can be misleading
When you wake to the sound of a birdless morning.

Oh I guarded my days, happy it’s over now for you.
And when I see you again I’m sorry to say you’ll feel like the fallen
When you wake to the sound of a birdless morning.

The glass has broke around the lonely orchid,
They never last as long as memories do.
I confess that loneliness consumes
In the silent mornings spent away from you.
Track Name: When I'm Asleep
When I’m Asleep
Sometimes nighttime brings a face to view,
Shaded and alone upon the crowd.
You seem so clear though I never hold onto
A face that clear enough to find you now.
Precious as you may be, you’re only real when I’m asleep,
I only hope you’ll find me before I’m too weak.
Lost and sometime I hope I’m never found.
Knowing you’re alone upon my mind,
Curled in corners with tangled arms
Around a patient picture drawn for me to find.
Precious as you may be, you’re only real when I’m asleep,
I only hope you’ll find me before I’m too weak.
Oh I never wait for love to make its lonely stand,
Never wait for fate I always force my hand,
Never wanted to believe it’s never found twice around.
Precious as you may be you’re only real when I’m asleep,
I only hope you’ll find me
Because sometimes all I have to help me through
Are memories of a time I’m holding to
Track Name: Laying Traps
Awoke in the chair and you silently stare at the ceiling.
The clock upon the wall pounds like a drum,
You try to rise then realise the feeling.
Bound in the room that you tried to hard to flee from,
Bathed in the light of a fiercely bright Sunday morning.
A distant window hides a winter breeze,
A voice carries on hoping someone might be listening,
Carrying songs her heart may free and release.

Oh I’ve laid traps for love to enter my heart
And all I’ve caught so far was free from the start.

Eyes shining bright in the warm summer night of the city,
Feeling that a loneliness will fade.
Wouldn’t you know that you never tried to know me,
You wouldn’t notice at all if I went away.

It’s enough to make you feel like growing older without someone who never need to part.
It’s the devil’s voice you hear upon you shoulder saying run.
Track Name: Helical Sweep
You’re starting to slide,
Lost it this week down this helical sweep.
You were game for the ride
But you’re spiralling down into the deep.
You thought it was fine
Biding your time obeying the rules.
Now all you have gained is hardship and pain
Now you’re the fool.

You come on like a wave
Dragging me down to a watery grave.
Now I’ve seen for myself
There’s somebody else, I’m jealousy’s slave.
If you don’t wake alone
You won’t want to wake at all.
Comes as no surprise
Seeing the tears well in your eyes.
It’s all you can take, there’s nothing left to say.
If you don’t wake alone you won’t want to wake at all.

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