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by Ed Williams

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This album was recorded at a rehearsal in Bristol, March 2012.

We'd originally planned to create a notebook of recordings. After a busy year of gigs / festivals we were well rehearsed so set ourselves up at a rehearsal studio one evening and recorded all these songs in one go.

With the help of some musician friends, Sid and I later added violin, cello and dobro to the recordings... and with the help of an up-turned sofa we re-recored the vocals / backing vocals too.

The album was mastered by Pete Josef (who previously recored The Soul I Follow for us) at his house in 2015. We're grateful for all the help we've received and proud of what we've created. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


released February 2, 2016

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Sid Goldsmith
Mastering and Additional Mixing by Pete Josef
Guitar and Vocals - Ed Williams
Bass and Backing Vocals - Sid Goldsmith
Drums - Tom Hartley
Violin on Daydreaming - Kate Fox
Cello on Daydreaming - Anna Strudwick
Backing Vocals on Storylines - Tiffany Williams
Dobro on Storylines - Leo James
Photography by Hayley Walsh
Artwork by Anthony Oram


all rights reserved



Ed Williams England, UK

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Track Name: Oh Lover
Oh lover does your heart lament a time spent long ago
Shadows from a fire that used to glow
Oh lover of mine do you find yourself away another time
Another space another mind

Oh lover when you read alone are the colours cast within
The wind upon the window rolling in
Oh lover of mine do you hear a slow return to the ocean's din
A sinking boat to sail within

Gold ringlets of a broken chain a chalice drained and dry
Wait for a fuse that won't ignite
Oh lover of mine in spite of all you've found it's only time
Another space another...

Mind to share when the darkness outside grows
To know the truths you try hard not to know
Distance heights that scare you so you scale alone

Oh lover does your heart lament a time spent long ago
Shadows from a fire that used to glow
They burn it seems in dreams that set your mind a to and fro
Lover's chains that come and go
Track Name: Daydreaming
Sometimes when it's dark I forgot to close my eyes
And the brightness of the moon floods the room with starry light
My head hangs from the window; dreaming of tomorrow
I can't tell where I am

Wandering the wild in the fallow fields of green
No-one near to say where to go or where I've been
It makes me feel so lonely thinking I'm the only
One who dreams of loosing all my dreams to the now

Following my thoughts through subtle twists and turns
Mindful of the leaning of my mind from that I learn
That I can see so clearly when there's no-one near me
I can tell that it's a lively hell to project yourself away from now
Track Name: Keep Me All The Same
You don't mean to scare me while you're sleeping
But sometimes i fear words in your dreams that i hear
You're heart is set to stay the same in time
It's fine to remain but then lonely hearts won't change or face
The growing pace of life

Home for you's a cage you're staring through
Oh i wouldn't mind if i came to find somewhere new
In my face you see a warm reflection
Meek as a lamb but i can't conceal who i am

You'll see a growing space in me
Cause i prefer to be alone in my pain
But keep me all the same

I don't want to stop your current flow
But i'd like to know if need to be here at all
You see i've listen patiently
The morning bell's chimed and i've been chased from your mind

You'll see a growing space in me
Cause i still long to see you oh but the shame
Is there a comfort in pain
I'm the second soul you could gain
So keep me all the same
Track Name: Drunken Swan
A drunken swan
Blocks the lane
Sickness led her to the bridge
Forgotten all the benefits of life

Awoke at night
Churning sound
Scared to move and looking down
The mirrored face she saw was not the same

It changed; every passing gaze increased the pain

Late last night
Coming home
A flock of birds were flying low
With heavy hearts they had to break the chain

Over now and out the race
Others had to fly away
If graced with powers of speech i'm sure they'd say

I'm lost; a line's been doubled crossed
I'm feeling blue; these pathway stones were broke by you

A nest of cans
And rubber bands
Gathered from the streets of man
Left alone and blown into the stream

Men stand over me
Scared of some disease
If only i could make them see

It's not some flu it's something I drank
The water is oily and rank
My home is made from debris
The bottles and cans that you see
Were left in the river for me
Track Name: I Want You Only
Laying together with hands held tight
Pressure in promises made last night
With heavy eyes we said the end is near
Don't forget me from summertime my dear

You wrote a letter in passionate rage
Lucky I found my end on the page
Out fell all the presents that you found
Will you be here when summertime comes around

I want you only for myself

I looked around all wild with regret
I saw a picture you drew of me there
Could it be our hearts are held in sin
If summertime will always remain within

You found a lover when you were lost
I saw a future away from trust
But broken hearts are all we'll ever find
Will you ever leave summertime behind
Track Name: Storylines
I think you've got it bad
How hard could the bad life be
For the young and carefree girl
You seem to be

But the woes hide behind the eyes no-one sees
Careless and young and free

I called you by your name
I longed to lay with you
To understand your pain
I'd been there too

Or at least i had thought so at one time
A narrative shared with mine

Our lives are led through storylines
A good friend once told me
A woven tragedy of love
Is never enough

We drifted through the night
A chance for a worried mind
A lonely soul to seek
A haze to find

You're slowly withdrawing yourself from the fray
And awkwardly turn away
Track Name: I Wanted You Only
Six in the morning and walking with hands held tight
Pressure in all of the promises made last night
Don't you know me from summer time
I should have seen you'd run out on me
I should have seen that I'd loose
I should have seen it in you

I wrote a letter and sent it in passionate rage
Part of me hoped that she'd open it for you that day
Don't you know me from summer time
I should have seen you'd run out on me
I should have seen that I'd loose
I should have seen it in you

I want you only, for a while

Well I regret that i missed you when you went away
So I drew a picture of what you might look like someday
Don't you know me from summer time
I buckled in for a night spent in sin
And I didn't wait for the news
I could see it in you

You thought I'd want you forever whatever the cost
But I saw a lover within you that I couldn't trust
Don't you know me from summer time
Would you deceive or you choose to leave
I wonder now if you would choose
To blame it on you

I want you only, for a while

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